The individual Paint Correction Detail includes a 4 stage machine polish to remove 90-95% of swirls, scratches and defects. This detail is designed for cars that have heavy defects or customers that want protection!

  • Citrus prewash applied and rinsed
  • Alloy wheel iron fallout remover applied and rinsed
  • Alloy wheels deep cleaning using shampoo and dedicated wheel brushes
  • Whee arch brush cleaned and rinsed
  • Ph neutral snow foam applied to bodywork and pressure rinsed
  • Bodywork hand washed using 2 Bucket Method and Merino Wool Mitt
  • Vehicle dried using Touchless” Hot Filtered Air
  • Tar removal
  • Clay bar to remove bonded contaminants that are not removable by the washing stage. This leaves your car unbelievably smooth and ready for polishing.
  • 3-4 stages of Machine Polishing to remove 95%+ of swirls and defects. Leaving an incredible smooth and gloosy finish.
  • A layer of wax or sealand applied depending on your cars colour and personal preference
  • Metal work polished ( Exhaust tips + Alloy wheels)
  • Windows cleaned & Polished
  • Exterior trim treated + Tyre walls dressed
  • Door shuts cleaned + polished
  • Glass polished

Why not get your car ceramic coated to preserve the finish and make cleaning your car incredibly easy? Upgrade from £150!

Time to Conduct: 3+ WORKING DAYS

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