The Gloss Enhancement Detail is a singe stage machine polish which will remove 60-75% if swirls / defects. Ideal for vehicles whose paintwork has not been maintained to its optimum. The Gloss Enhancement Detail will achieve a smooth, extremely high gloss finish which will be protected for upt to 6 months. The Gloss Enhancement Detail will help reduce the appearance of minor swirls, scratches and scuffs.

  • Citrus pre wash applied and rinsed
  • Alloy wheel iron fallout remover applied and rinsed
  • Alloy wheels deep cleaned using shampoo and dedicated wheel brushes
  • Wheel arch brush cleaned an rinsed
  • Ph neutral snow foam applied to bodywork and pressure rinsed
  • Bodywork hand washed using 2 Bucket method and Merino Wool Mitt
  • Vehilce dried using “Toucless” Hot Filtered Air
  • Tar removal
  • Clay bar to remove bonded contaminants that are not removable by the washing stage. This leaves your car unbelievably smooth and ready for polishing
  • Single Stage Machine polish to remove 60% – 75% of swirls and defects, leaving an incredible smooth and gloss finish
  • A layer of wax or sealand applied depending on your cars colour or personal preference
  • Metal work polished (exhaust tips + Alloy wheels)
  • Gloss Enhancer Applied
  • Windows cleaned + Ppolished
  • Exterior trim treated + Tyre walls dressed, Doors shuts cleaned + Polished

Time to Conduct: 1 WORKING DAY

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