The new car detail is designed to protect every surface of your car, exterior, interior and engine bay. Designed for new cars!

  • Citrus pre wash applied and rinsed
  • Alloy wheel iron fallout remover applied and rinsed
  • Alloy wheels deep cleaned using shampoo and dedicated wheel brushes
  • Wheel arch brush cleaned and rinsed
  • Ph neutral snow foam applied to bodywork and pressure rinsed
  • Bodywork hand washed using 2 Bucket method and Merino Wool Mitt
  • Vehicle dried using “Touchless” Hot Filtered Air
  • Clay bar to remove bonded contaminants that are not removeable by the washing stage. The leaves your car unbelievably smooth and ready for polishing.
  • Single Stage Machine Polish to remove any light defects and prepare for the surface ceramic coating
  • IPA wipe down to ensure all oils are removed from the paint and ceramic coating applied giving 12-18 months paint nano protection
  • Windows cleaned & Polished
  • Exterior Trim protection
  • Alloy wheel Protection – Upgrade to wheels off treatment and ceramic coating
  • Glass protection
  • Engie Bay detailed and all surfaces protected


  • All interior surfaces are cleaned with detail
  • Leathers are protected, Fabrics are protected, Plastics are protected

Time to Conduct: 1-2 WORKING DAYS

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